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Internal Audit

Singapore MAS Compliance Audit Support Services

No company can function without internal and external rules and regulations that control on company’s day-to-day operations. A balanced regulatory system in various business areas provides excellence.


The MAS has precise regulatory procedures that FMC must comply with as they operate their business. The Company should conduct an annual audit where the authority makes sure that every area of business should be in function as per its expectations. For this purpose, the company needs compliance audit support to make sure that the company is ready for auditing.

What is MAS audit support services?

All the FMCs in Singapore functioning under various MAS licenses should comply with all the necessary documents for compliance purposes. 


Alpha’s program is a compliance audit support service provider, and Alpha has an expert team support for guidance in various issues in any particular area. Check us out today and understand more about compliance audit support services.

Why do you need MAS audit support?

Generally, the MAS offers a two to four weeks period of document preparation for audit before MAS officials can come and perform an audit in your company. Audit performs a massive role in the optimization of the company functions accordingly. The MAS audit support makes sure that the company is functioning as per MAS requirements.


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