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Compliance Audit

MAS audit support services

MAS is Singapore’s central bank and regulatory authority for FMCs. A business cannot run without internal and external rules and regulations that govern how the company is run; this thought itself is strong enough to disturb you. In most cases, the performance would be frightful, with many people taking disadvantage of others.

However, a stable and secured regulatory system in different business sectors guarantees excellence. The MAS has severe regulatory procedures that every financial business must comply with as they perform their business. How does the country make sure that business owners comply with these rules and compliance requirements? FMCs have a mandatory annual audit where the authority makes sure that every business runs its business as per its belief. As a result, you need Compliance audit support to confirm that the company is ready for auditing.


The one who has financial business in Singapore under different licenses must obey its documentation for compliance arrangements. Appropriately, a lot of companies often place huge importance on the compliance sector.
MAS gives two weeks’ prior notice to the FMCs for a mandatory Compliance audit so that their representatives can visit the company. Fourteen days after the announcement of the mandatory Compliance audit, the management of FMCs get busy confirming that everything in the company is running fluently to avoid crushing with the government. Appropriately, it is necessary that MAS compliance audit support where the management of FMCs involves the experts and talks about the company’s actual situation.
Our plan of action is compliance audit support to service providers and our experts, who will help you from time to time with various circumstances in the sector. We are welcoming you today to learn and explore more about compliance audit support services.

Why do you need MAS audit support?

MAS gently offers a two to four weeks’ time period for preparation before coming of officials from the head office can come and do a compliance audit of FMCs. This audit period is serious and plays a great impact on how things will turn about for FMCs. The MAS audit support makes sure that functioning in the FMCs are ongoing as per MAS’ requirements.

Singapore MAS Compliance Audit Support Services

Regular Compliance

Alpha provides third-party/external compliance to FMCs and assists in all ongoing compliance services of the company, including quarterly and annual compliance.

Review of Compliance Programs

The MAS clarified that FMCs should implement stable, robust, and clear compliance provisions suitable for their day-to-day functioning. Conducting ongoing compliance review refers to scrutinizing a structure and determining for positive impact on business.

Compliance advisory

Alpha provides advice on numerous compliance issues faced by the company. The MAS occasionally updates its advisory notices for the easement of the advisors. An expert service provider like us, you will get to know all updates from the MAS straight away after the release since we keep an eye on the MAS updates.

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