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Cyber Risk

Best cyber risk head exclusively positioned to provide end-to-end encrypted cyber security services globally.


Manage Cyber Risks Seamlessly with Alpha

Effectively all areas of an FMCs are digitally interconnected. It does not matter when, where, and how your need our help in managing cyber risk; Alpha is your cyber security services partner to call first, with our technical expertise, remarkable insight, and innovative technology.

Over and above the risks of unexpected loss of private data and information or cybercriminals, Alpha expertise also check out cyber security through the lens of “digitized outcomes,” from system updates to moving towards the cloud, applications for the betterment of customer experience and essential third-party relationships, one wrong step can drop into cyber attack like data breaches, ransomware, etc. that’s why our experts have built our practice to provide end-to-end encrypted cybersecurity solutions seamlessly in and outside of Singapore.

Alpha expertise provides quick responses to our clients. We help clients in managed detection and response services for both active threats and as an important part of network security; notification solutions, including telephonic call support; and proactive services, including general and threat-focused risk assessment, response planning, and more. With a good experience in the public and private sectors and required regulatory service, our cyber security experts can provide valuable guidance at any point in the cyber risk spectrum.

Our team of experts is up to providing the best network, endpoint, and cloud security through our managed detection and response solution, Alpha Responder. Responder handles every step, with managed detection and response services supported by threat hunting and superior incident response.

Our coordinated team culture makes sure that you’ll consistently benefit from the latest threat intelligence, best practices, and technological advancements for every challenge, from start to finish.

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