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Robust and cost-effective solutions

Alpha provides clients a robust and cost-effective solutions to keep client in compliance with regulations and allow them to concentrate on business growth. The solutions aim to be compliant, updated and keep abreast of regulatory changes. 

How our solutions help clients

Meet global regulatory and legal requirements

We help ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), USA Patriot Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and UK Bribery Act regulations.

Mitigate risks, fines and reputational damage

We help identify and mitigate third-party and transactional, business and reputational risks before they develop into larger issues or trigger fines

Manage third-party risk

We research reputations; environmental, social and governance (ESG); and cyber and financial records related to existing and potential relationships, including joint ventures, customers and partners, against sanctions, government watch lists, social media and other applicable databases.

Respond to regulatory reviews and investigations

We help clients prepare for and respond to regulatory reviews and investigations. We also can undertake reviews at the appointment of regulatory authorities

Become or stay compliant

We help clients understand the practical frameworks, policies and procedures, systems and controls, and technologies they need to stay compliant with current and evolving regulations

Increase peace of mind

Our researchers manage cases from start to finish, conducting extensive internet, database and media research into a company and its principals to assess backgrounds, status, credentials, professional certifications, legitimacy and reputation

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